I remember a time in my twenties when most of my friends had itchy feet and wanted to see the world. Looking back it was interesting to see how different their experiences were.

First of all, there was my mate Jon. He seemed pretty sorted. Not only did he have a load of money saved up but he was so sure of where he wanted to go that he pretty much had the itinerary all sewn up; he was going to bike across Africa then fly over to India for 4 months and then trek in Nepal. He’d already booked his flight out to Africa. There was no stopping him! That trip wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that was his thing. All he needed to do was find someone to go with him. He wanted to share the experience with someone, which was understandable.

Then there was my mate Sara. She had some money saved up too, but she had no idea where she wanted to go. For her, she just had to leave HERE. But she wasn’t really bothered where TO. But she definitely DIDN’T want to go to Africa or India! Especially on a bike! She had ideas about some nice beaches in Thailand, checking out Singapore or Hong Kong, and then maybe heading over to Australia. The thing is, she’d been talking about this for years.

My mate Jen on the other hand was a different story altogether. She desperately wanted to go travelling. Being the sensible one of the group, she was the only one out of us that had bought a flat at that point. The problem was; her flat was full of crap. She was a bit of a hoarder. She had the money saved up, but she still would have to rent her flat out. And that would mean sorting through her crap and probably getting rid of most of it. For some reason, this never seemed to happen.

I was jealous of all them, but was caught in the career ladder. At least that was my excuse! Big regret now, let me tell you! Anyway..

Jon had the trip of his dreams! He managed to find someone to cross Africa with too. Some guy who he found him through some biker site. They came home with some crazy stories let me tell you!

Sara didn’t go for a few years. When she did go, she ended up joining some other folk on the trip of their dreams She fell into it because she was worried about leaving it too late. It was a fab experience and she loved it, but it was THEIR dream trip and not hers. She came back wishing that she’d taken a bit of time working out what she sort of trip she wanted, figuring that you only get to do ONE trip of a lifetime.

And then there was Jen. Poor Jen. As far as I know, she’s still desperate to go on that trip. And her flat is still full of crap. I guess she never found a way of letting go of all that stuff so that she could be free to go.

So, in that story, who are you?

Are you like Jon ? Really clear about what you want and where you’re going. Not only that but you know exactly who you’re looking for to share your trip with.

Or, does Sara sound more like you? You know you don’t like where you are right now, but you haven’t figured out where you want to go, let alone who with.

Or maybe Jen resonates with you. You’d love to go on a trip but you can’t even begin to think about it as long as you’ve still got all this crap to let go of first. And you haven’t quite figured that bit out yet, Meanwhile, you’re missing out on the trip of a lifetime.

Life only comes by once, don’t wait too long or else it’ll be gone.

So, do you see what I’m getting at?

This lifetime trip IS your life. Maybe it’s your working life – up to you. And as soon as you can define what is it that you want and how you want to travel it, you can find people to share the ride. Where you’re going and how you’re travelling, that’s your brand. Are you biking it or are you travelling first class; two very different trips! Who you share it with is your target audience. If they buy into your trip, they’re coming for the ride because they’ve bought into YOU! And, the clearer you are about your trip, the easier these people are to find.

On the other hand, if Jen is more like you, don’t waste any more time being trapped by your fears and beliefs. Have a clear out! It’s only when you clear out the crap that you can really think clearly about who you really are, what you want and where you want to go.

What story are you telling yourself? And, is it serving you?