Style & Substance

There’s so much resting on making the right first impression, that we often hold ourselves back or worse, project what we think the other party wants to see. Yet, any attempts to control our persona will usually mean all parties lose out.

But isn’t that what Personal Branding is all about? Shaping our persona so that we’re making the right impression?

In a word, no. That would be separating Style and Substance and deluding ourselves by thinking that Style can substitute for depth.

Ok – should we focus on Substance and forget Style?

Well it’s definitely where we should start. Substance comes from who you are at your core. The characters strengths that shape what makes you happy, how you see the world, where your success will come from and what others will value you for.

At Lovephool we call them your Buzz Strengths, because they are the strengths that energise you from within and get you – Buzzing!

In fact, your top 5 Buzz Strengths is what defines your ‘Substance.’ Based on the latest research from Positive Psychology, your highest character strengths are the 5 aspects of your inner character that:

  • You’re known & loved for: The top 5 things that people see when you’re using your Buzz Strengths. It’s you at your natural best. You can’t help but shine and it makes others warm to you because they can relate to who you really are.
  • Make you happy: The times when you’ve felt most energised and alive are probably when you’re using your top 5 strengths, even if you didn’t realise it at the time. It’s your comfort zone; you at your most chilled and content.
  • Might save your life: When the chips are down, you’ll naturally rely on your top 5 strengths to pull you through. Again you may not have known it before, but deep down, these 5 Buzz Strengths are part of your core character that pulls you through.

Great – so I’ll find out what my Buzz Strengths are and I’m done?

Not quite. Knowing your Buzz Strengths will help you discover the substance behind your Personal Brand, but it’s of little value unless you apply it.

The ‘Style’ part of Style and Substance is what people will remember you for. It’s the act of applying your Buzz Strengths so that you create value in your own life and in the lives of people around you.

That’s when your Personal Brand begins to flourish – effortlessly

When you use your Personal Brand as a way of recognising and apply your Buzz Strengths to add value; you’re showing people who you are. And they’ll believe you.

People will know who you are when you meet them on-line or face to face. They’ll know what to believe because you’re clear on who you are. That combination of Style and Substance is the difference you make.

Believe me, they’ll remember you for it.

Guest post kindly written by Kuldeep Brar @missybrar from @lovephool. Get your character strengths profile now at