The term “Personal branding” is massively misunderstood. Even in marketing circles, branding is not understood, so the likelyhood of the masses getting their heads around personal branding is slim. So, to help out I’ve collated my personal favourite top 4 quotes that attempt to define what personal branding is all about.

Quote 1.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” Jeff Bezos. Founder of Amazon

What I like about this quote is the fact that Jeff captures the idea that your brand is what people THINK. After all, people tend to say what they think. And this goes back to what a brand IS; it’s the place occupied in the mind of others. It’s the associations and feelings people have about an brand entity (product, company, service or person). So here, Jeff really is drawing a comparison to the world of business branding.

Also, people like shortcuts and will try to pigeon hole you for sake of ease. Understanding how people choose to file you in their mind is incredibly insightful and worth finding out.

Quote 2.

“Personal branding is about managing your name — even if you don’t own a business — in a world of misinformation, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records.

Going on a date? Chances are that your “blind” date has Googled your name.

Going to a job interview? Ditto.”

Tim Ferriss. 4 hour work week & 4 hour body

Here Tim reminds us of the importance of the digital world on our reputation and how Google can be our downfall if we don’t use it correctly.

Quote 3.

“It’s important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have. Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you’ve got to be a good person. You can’t hide anything, and more importantly, you’ve got to be out there at some level.”

Gary Vaynerchuk Wine Library TV & Crush it!

This is fab quote because Gary highlights the importance of transparency and authenticity for a strong personal brand. You’ve essentially got to work out WHO you are and BE that person. Forget about managing different personas or trying to be someone else. You’ll fail. You’ve also got to be nice. People like nice people. If people are on your side, you’ll go much further than if they’re not. Helpfully, he also reminds us that you’ve got get out there… reminds me of one of my favourite Winnie the Pooh quotes “You can’t stay in your corner of forest waiting for others to come to you. You’ve got to go to them sometimes” 😉

But, my favourite quote …

Quote 4.

“Personal branding is about figuring who you are and what turns you on and then monetising it”

Kelly Cutrone. PR Maven & Publicist. People’s Revolution

Not only does Kelly keep it nice and simple, but she manges to capture what I believe are 3 really important points whe it comes to defining personal branding;

1. Knowing WHO you are 2. Doing something that you LOVE!  3. Making money from it.

If you can find the sweet spot here, you’re rolling in it!

What do you think? Have you got any quotes that should be added to my list? Pop your favourite quote in the comment section below.