Reinvention doesn’t have to be an external thing, it can all happen on the inside. You can change your mindset by thinking differently, clearing your head trash or taking a new perspective.

Take a new perspective

As you look back on last year, is there anything that happened that had an impact on the way you look at the world? Has there been some event that has made you think differently? Maybe it’s challenged your view about what you do, how you do it or why you do it? Have you stopped to fully integrate this and think about who you might actually make changes as a result?

Think differently

Or, have you had an epiphany? Maybe something happened that has forced your to reconsider your view on certain things. This might come from a significant life changing event such as illness, loss of loved one or the loss of a job. Our life is filled with moments that challenge our way of thinking and so often we don’t stop for a second and take note. The mistake here would be to not take action and change as a result. Steve Jobs spoke of how his terminal illness helped him to think differently and focus, and there’s no question of the impact that had on his work, and our lives, as a result.

Clear your head trash

Sometimes it’s not about changing your perspective, but getting rid of the self sabotaging thoughts that don’t serve you and just hold you back. We’ve all got head trash; emotions that control us, inner negative chatter or internal conflict, and it can build to such a level that it impacts our relationships, our work and our happiness. Having a good clear out can reinvigorate many aspects of your life that suddenly life feels all new and shiny again.

While these changes may begin on the inside, they will soon seep out through your behaviour and actions. As you clear your head trash, you will gain more clarity about what’s important to you and this in turn may lead to you positively choosing to extend your reinvention into other areas of your life. In my work with people on their personal brands, when I am faced with someone who wants to move on, but they don’t know where to, clearing head trash is always the starting point. It helps to create a stillness within that enables you to just KNOW what is right for you. If head trash is something that is holding you back, you might want to check out my sister site or have a peek at some of the videos on HeadTrashTV.

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