There’s a misconception out there that for you to have a really strong personal brand, you need to dominate all the social networks, have a really strong web presence, have written at least 2 books etc etc. Well, don’t worry, because you might not need to do any of this.

Identifying what you need to do to build a strong brand always boils down to what you want and who your targeting. At its very simplest, the ONLY thing you ever need to do to have a strong brand is this;

Do what you you’re hired to do & do what you promise to do.

If this is the only thing you do consistently, then this is a great place to start. If I was to add one thing to this, it’s this.

Be very clear who your target market is and make sure they know about you.

If you’re clear about who needs to know about you then that will determine what strategy you use to communicate and engage with them. For some people this target group can be a very small group indeed.

Let me tell you about a friend of mine. She sells products to the UK retailers for a big US brand. For her, the people who need to know about how great she is are her employers and the key decision makers in the UK retailers that represent the market she’s in. After all, they are the people that will influence how successful she is in her career. Now as a result of consistently being great at her job, her counterparts at her competitors are also aware of how good she is – they’re losing sales to her brand!

Her target market is a very small select group of people, probably around 20 to 30 people. So for her, having an active Twitter or Linked In presence is unnecessary so she doesn’t bother. As is a blog and any public speaking engagements. She just needs to focus on doing a great job. And she is. How does she know this? Well, one of her competitors offered her a package that she couldn’t refuse. They had been courting her for many years, but as she’s happy where she is she told them that she would only move for A LOT more than she was on. And as she’s a mum, she would want a 4-day week. She never for a moment thought that they would offer her exactly what she wanted. So when faced with a package she couldn’t refuse, she took it and handed her notice in only to find that her current employer beat the competitor offer. So now without actually moving companies she’s earning around 30% MORE than before, and she’s working 20% less!

I love this story because it’s a great example of how you can achieve greatness in your life by keeping it very simple and focussed. If you’re good at what you do the results will speak for themselves and there will no need for you to broadcast yourself to the world.

So are you clear on WHO can influence your success? And are you engaging with them? Do you they know about you? More importantly, are you wasting time doing things that aren’t getting you anywhere?

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