The new year is always a time for new starts and fresh thinking. We might not need to turn our lives upside down, but we can’t help trying to inject a bit of life into what we do. Sounds like the perfect time for spot of reinvention!

Reinvention is not something that is reserved for the Madonnas of this world. It’s something that most of us need to consider at some time or other in our lives. Of course, if you have a job for life or an endless pot of cash then it probably won’t feature very high on your to-do list, but not many of us can lay claim to having those. If on the other hand you’re someone who finds themselves on the shifting sands of technology, business and 21st century working life, then reinvention is most certainly something that you will need to grapple with at some point.

Reinvention can take many guises. It’s not necessarily about dying your hair a new colour and buying a whole new wardrobe. Reinvention can also happen at different levels. Here are a series of articles I wrote for Fresh Business Thinking that explore the various levels of reinvention that you can undertake.

– Reinvent your thinking

– Reinvent how you express yourself

– Reinvent your looks

– Reinvent everything!