I’m rebranding. Yes. You read that right. A person, ME, is rebranding. You might think that rebranding is reserved for businesses and products, but in doing so you’re missing the point.

Branding is all about your sense of self and identity and how you express that. So, when a company or product rebrands, what they’re essentially doing is taking stock, re-evaluating what their customers think of them and how they interact with them. They’re re-assessing the environment and marketplace to see if they’re still relevant and they look inside to see how they’ve changed.  Depending on what they find, they may decide that a full rebrand is in order.

That’s where I’m at.

I use the word rebranding because I can’t help it, as a marketer for nearly 15 years it’s a word that I understand and that makes sense to me. It might not you and that’s fine. Some people might prefer words like “reinvention” or “starting over”, but that feels a little too strong for me. I’m not about to step out in a new haircut and do something completely different with my life. I’m just evolving. As we all do. And as I evolve, I need to get my head around what I’m evolving into, so that I can start to communicate that better to those who will give a shit.

I thought I’d share this process because I figured that I’m not alone going through it. Someone somewhere might be struggling with this stuff too, and it might be kinda interesting for them to see how someone else does it. Especially someone who, for the last 4 years, has been helping others do exactly that. This is when I get to take my own medicine. Ha!

So there you go.

If I fancy it, I might write up some other chunks of what I’m doing and going through, but I can’t promise anything. But, if you have questions about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it or anything else, let me know because I’ll only be too happy to share.

bye for now!