I’ve been very fortunate to be working with Guy Rigby @guyrigby in the lead up to his book launch. His book “From Vision to Exit” is the definitive entrepreneur’s guide to building and selling a business and is based on his years of experience advising entrepreneurs and their businesses. Guy now works for London city accountancy firm, Smith & Williamson and heads up the Entrepreneur team.

Guy hired me to help him to build his digital presence to ensure that he had a web presence that supported his book launch. You can see the results here: Guy Rigby’s personal website.

In my time working with Guy, I was amazed at how well connected and well respected he is and I was surprised to learn that he has built this incredible following of people who know, like and trust him in only 3 years! So, of course, I had to ask him how he did it. Guy was only too happy to share with me his secret; he has four mantras that he lives by in business and he believes it is these four cornerstones that have helped him to build his personal brand.

So, without further a do.. here they are!

Who cares, wins!

Always exceed and do more than people expect. This is about delighting your customers, whether they are true customers in the traditional sense of the word, or people for whom you are doing something. If you care about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for, it will show and they will appreciate you for it. And, happy customers are happy to share their experiences so this can quickly become fantastic word of mouth

If you turn the same handle, you will get the same result.

If something isn’t working for you, try doing something else. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. It reminds me of the definition insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result! So what does he mean by this? Be innovative. Approach your problem from another angle. Look at things differently.

Also, always look for new people to connect with. Don’t always hang out with the same people but find new places to go, new events to attend, new networks to tap into. You never know who you’re going to meet.

It means always looking for new opportunities and ways of doing business.

If it isn’t broken, break it!

This is about never accepting the status quo and always questioning what is before you. There’s always a better way of doing something, so look for it. If you can’t find it, you’re not being creative enough!

If you’ve got nothing to do, polish the church pews.

Don’t sit around doing nothing. If you’re constantly engaging in something, then something will happen. An interesting person may wander into the church and so begins a fruitful relationship. If nothing else, you’ll have well toned arms!

Guy’s new book “From Vision to Exit” is definitive entrepreneur’s guide to building and selling your business is now available to buy.

With a forward by Luke Johnson and fantastic reviews by countless other well-known entrepreneurs, this book is definitely one to read if you’re an entrepreneur.

You can buy your copy of “From Vision to Exit” here.