My latest articles for Fresh Business Thinking are all about LinkedIn.

We’re all aware of it – some of us more than others. And for those who’ve never yet broached this particular social media ‘minefield,’ LinkedIn can manifest itself as a nagging black cloud in their consciousness. It’s a social media site which has many individuals enthused and baffled in equal measure.

For some individuals and companies though LinkedIn is the crux of their social media strategy. That’s because they are fully sussed when it comes to maximizing the site’s potential in branding and lead generation terms.


Creating a LinkedIn Profile That Works

The most important point in creating a profile is to keep it updated. No-one wants to read stuff that’s two years out of date. Not only is old news irrelevant, it doesn’t reflect very well on you or your company either. If you can’t be bothered to update your own profile for instance, what else in your working life are you lax about?

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Six of the Worst Mistakes on LinkedIn


Just no! There really is no excuse for them, especially since both Firefox and Google Chrome now automatically underline misspelling. Like the failure to update we mentioned in our earlier post, a profile with typos shows a sloppiness that future employers/customers could justifiably believe extends to the rest of your work/business practices.

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Smart Ways to Enhance Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

As we mentioned earlier in this newsletter, Linked In introduced a new Company Page layout with improved features in October 2012. Just like the less professionally-centred social media sites Facebook one of the biggest changes was the banner picture along the top of the page, allowing a company to be instantly identifiable (if used correctly!).

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Companies Who Rock at LinkedIn

In order for a company (and individual) to succeed at LinkedIn then it should be:

  • telling its story (what’s happening with products, services, staff, winning awards etc) to customers old and new
  • engaging relevant communities (those in their sector, industry leaders etc)
  • coming up with new business leads (marketing their products and targeting potential customer groups

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