The date! What’s the launch date?
The million-dollar question! And the answer is 42. Week 42?  No, seriously. Picking a date is as fraught as Blind Date. If stocked in retailers, it will help massively if the brand launch fits in with their time frames; most large retailers have range changes in March and September and with this come new planograms and space allocation. Then, there’s the industry show of the year that provides a great platform to spread the word. What about the start of the selling season? But, crucially, when does your old packaging run out and when will the new stuff be ready? In the real world, all roads do not lead to Rome. Decisions will have to be taken that navigate all these artfully and successfully for maximum positive launch impact.

Tell the world!
If a brand is re-launching, it’s not going to keep it quiet. The comms team are going to want to tell the word about it. But, a good communication strategy needs time to be implemented. There’s the website, possible TV advertising, a PR campaign. Not to mention a possible viral campaign, and the use of social media to create a pre-launch buzz. All these are projects that can’t be implemented overnight.

So, once a date is picked, it needs to stick. Any embarrassing delays can have costly repercussions throughout the company, as well as to reputations.

So to summarise, our list of essential ingredients for a successful launch include;

• Design agency that understands the sector
• Brand team that knows its brand inside out
• A board team that is on board and supportive of the project
• Somebody somewhere with great pack technology skills
• A supply team that is on the ball and have kept a tight rein on stocks
• A sales team that is close to its customers
• A top notch project manager to make it all happen according to plan
• Frequent project meetings to keep everyone informed