The thing you desire TERRIFIES you.
Sounds ludicrous but it’s true.
I bet you don’t even realise it.
You actually *think* you really want it.
And you do.
But there’s also a huge part of you that DOESN’T want it.
You’re scared.
But you don’t realise it.
And because you don’t something worse is going on;
You’re repelling it.
You’re blocking it from becoming a reality for you.
My coach pointed out one of my fears to me this week.
She said I had a fear of earning £50k in a month.
She said this is why I’ve left £50k of potential sales on the table.
When she said it I thought she was crazy.
But I know she’s a bad ass at spotting head trash so I listened to her.
So today I cleared my fear.
Just as I finished, I got a phone call.
They wanted me to send a coaching proposal for their team.
When I did the sums, it came to £50k.
I was blocking this before.
It had no chance of coming into my world, let alone me landing it.
But once I’d cleared the fear, it could come in.
I was free to receive it.
If your desires are eluding you, this is what’s going on.
All your DESIRE energy is being met with the energy of REPULSION.
This is the energy you need to clear.
What do YOU truly desire?