Being a CEO is demanding.
Being a working mother is demanding.
Having small kids is demanding.

Being a CEO with small kids is demanding AF.

And then there’s COVID.

But that’s no reason not to want to double your turnover AND have it all.

That’s where I come in.

In less than 6 months, a CEO mama client
👉 Designed and implemented her ‘perfect week’ to be more effective as a CEO but also as a mama and wife. Her perfect week now includes ‘me time’, ‘mama time’ and exercise time, and her boundaries are strong AF.
👉 Stopped trying to ‘do it all’ and has hired an executive assistant and is hiring a marketing director.
👉 Got fit. She always avoided exercise and could never be bothered or find the time. Now she exercises regularly, has lost weight and has hired a personal trainer.
👉 Gets on better with her mother. Better than she ever has.
👉 Is selling more. She’s selling better and more. No more price discounting or weak negotiations. Her sales are up by more than £200k. During COVID.

On their own these are epic shifts. But the biggest one is this:

When we started working together she wanted her business to scale. Now she wants to be the one who scales her business.

She’s stepped into her role as CEO and owns it.

Next year she wants to double again and exceed £1m. And now she KNOWS she can do it.

She is a badass CEO who has it all.

If you want to have it all, get in touch.