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I admit it, marketing automation is one of my obsessions. As a life-long marketer and someone who’s fascinated by behaviour, I get a bit giddy when I get to combine the two. And marketing automation sits comfortably at that intersection.

Consumer behaviour has always been an area of interest for me and has featured heavily in my marketing career. But understanding why we behave the way we do, took on a whole new direction when I started working with mindset.

But just because I work closely with mindset, it doesn’t mean that I’ve nailed the consumer-behaviour thing. Oh no! I consider myself a life-long student and with the exciting field of behavioural economics expanding rapidly as it’s doing, I have plenty of reading to be getting on with.

I first met Kenda at the Atomicon marketing conference (one of the best conferences I have ever been to BTW!). I overheard her chatting to someone all about cognitive biases and even though I’m no expert in them, I was glued. I knew right then, that I wanted to dive into a proper conversation with her.

It just so happened that her book, Hack the Buyer Brain, was about to launch, so we had an excuse to hook up and talk all about it.

Hack the Buyer Brain, the book

Hack The Buyer Brain aims to change the way you look at marketing by helping you understand the consumer brain, its motivations and behaviour for better marketing. 

The book:

  • Provides an understanding of why consumers do what they do
  • Breaks down and covers the science and data behind these insights, keeping it simple and easy to action
  • Combines behaviour, marketing strategy and content together to help you generate more leads, convert better customers and build longer customer lifetime value
  • Includes varied examples and case studies of real businesses succeeding with the strategy laid out

Just because you’re not a neuroscientist shouldn’t mean that you can’t access the awesome advances that buyer psychology has gone through, and use it in your marketing.  

During our chat we talk about

  • using marketing automation
  • the cognitive biases that marketers need to know about
  • how retain the human connection with your automation
  • how the brain perceives price
  • using artificial intelligence (AI) in your marketing
  • how to stack up the perceived value of your product or service

… and LOADS more!

So, are you ready?

Interview with Kenda Macdonald, author of Hack the Buyer Brain

Here’s the time that I spoke with Kenda all about buyer psychology, marketing and automation.

About Kenda Macdonald

Kenda Macdonald is an Automation Ninja. With a background in Forensic Psychology and an affinity for statistics and behaviourally intelligent automation – she’s not your average expert.

She’s been living and breathing Infusionsoft since 2011 and has spent over 14 500 hours learning new ways to automate what people think is impossible.

She’s a true nerd, and spends her waking hours helping businesses understand behaviour for super effective marketing, and relishes in simplifying over complicated processes for truly intelligent automated marketing. She’s the founder of Automation Ninjas – Experts in behavioural automation. Expect enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge – not normalcy.

You can track Kenda down here on LinkedIn and at her company Automation Ninjas.

You can buy her book Hack the Buyer Brain on Amazon here.