I gave my client diarrhoea last week.
We’ve never actually met, so no, it wasn’t a dodgy prawn sandwich.
But it was worse than when she got food poisoning in Cambodia.

You see, I help you to clear your shit.
I know, it doesn’t sound pleasant.
And you might not like that I used *that* word.
But here’s the thing. Your 💩 IS your ‘shit’!

Whatever is going in your gut is a reflection of what’s going on in your head.
Constipated? You find it hard to let things go.
Bloated? You’re holding on to stuff you shouldn’t.
IBS? You’re stressed AF.

You get the idea.
Your gut brain is a thing. Look it up.

So last week, in a client session we discovered a mountain of shit.
I say ‘mountain’ because it was.

It was huge thing that had been blocking her in all aspects of her life; she couldn’t get past it.
And we started to clear it. It was epic.

Her homework was to carry on the work we’d started.
Then she cancels her next session with me; she’s ill.


This is not a coincidence.

I am not surprised.

This week she messaged me to say that she’s spent 5 days on the toilet 💩💩💩💩💩

During that time huge insights came.

She remembered her birth.

An explanation as to WHY she was blocked so much.

Now she feels different.

She looks different.

She says her eyes have changed colour.

She reckons she went through a portal.

A portal that will forever be known as
… The Portal of Shit.

So, I guess that confirms it.

I do in fact help you to clear your shit 😂