Marketing & Branding

I’m a marketer and business person and it’s where I spent the first fifteen years of my career. In that time I worked for some of most well-known and well-loved brands of our time. I gravitated towards the health & beauty industry because of my own personal interest in wellness. Once I decided to leave the world of employment, my marketing continued, but in a diluted form. I blended it with my new-found coaching skills to become a Personal Brand Coach. This evolved my marketing into the digital¬†space as the rise of social platforms took hold.


My work as a coach began with personal branding, but quickly evolved into business and leadership coaching. Clients that were seeking that level of support were doing so as part of their professional and business life so it seemed a natural next step. Pretty early on in my coaching career, I recognised the importance of mindset and how it influences the coaching outcome. Coaching is a powerful tool, but sometimes we need to go deeper with our work to bring about the seismic shifts our clients are seeking. And so began my work in the realm of mindset.


It was my quest to learn more about managing mindset, that I stumbled upon the technique that would prove to be life-changing for me. It was life-changing for me on a personal level because it was the first thing that helped to lift me from the darkness I’d fallen into following the sudden death of my mother. As I used this technique more and more, the personal transformation continued. I started offering it to my clients as Head Trash Clearance and realised that this needed more focus when I started getting a lot of interest for it. This lead me to create the Head Trash brand and the subsequent launch of the podcast. The founder of the technique then invited me to train others alongside him which gave me the opportunity to master my skills.



I began integrating a therapeutic aspect to my work slowly, but it was when I decided to focus on working with pregnant women that I made it more of a focus. Supporting women in preparing for and recovering from birth means allows me to draw both my coaching and my therapy into my work in equal measures. The very nature of birth and its significance as a rite of passage makes it a very clear goal, but equally, it often calls for emotional support afterwards. I’m goal-focussed and that will never go away, so my therapy work is geared to helping my clients achieve a clear outcome emotionally.