I am happy.

Because why shouldn’t I be?


I am energy.

I work with it. I pick up on it. I use it. I protect myself from it.


I am reborn.

My pregnancies were my rebirth and revealed my true self to me.


I am on a mission.

To build a legacy my children will be proud of.


I am inspired.

I want to play a part in creating a better world.


I am intolerant.

Nothing turns me off more than incompetence and laziness. Unless you’re incompetently incompetent.


I am all my yesterdays in one.

My journey is what makes me who I am.


I am there.

For years I was seeking it. But now I have found it, and knowing this gives me peace.


I am a business woman.

I love business and the inter-workings of it. 


I am a driver.

Paving new paths is where I feel alive.

I am big picture.

The minutia bore me.


I am all or nothing.

If your cause excites me then I’ll be there with bells on.