This is what one of my CEO clients achieved this year and here are some of the things that helped to make it happen;

She stepped into her role as CEO ambition and now owns her ambition.

Before working together, she wanted her business to scale but she wasn’t truly owning it. Now she knows that she is the one who will scale her business and she believes that’s it’s her that’s going to do it, not her business. She owns it now and is unashamedly in the driving seat.

We got rid of her resistance to growth 

She wanted to grow her business and hired a growth coach who advised her on all the things she needed to implement for growth. But there was resistance. It’s not that she didn’t want to do the things, she did. She just wasn’t moving forward with them. There was resistance. 

It was our work together that enabled her to implement what the growth coach was advising. People have told her that she makes rapid business growth look effortless. That’s because when you’re not pushing against your resistance, it takes less effort and shows.

We stopped the discounting and deal making. 

Not only did she stop but her prices went up. She also started charging for things that were previously being done for free.

This was fixed by clearing the head trash that made her want to discount in the first place. I also got rid of the conflicts that were sapping her sense of value and stopped her holding her ground during those uncomfortable silences that inevitably crop up during negotiations.

We made her more effective by designing and creating her perfect week. 

She lacked focus and was flitting about being torn in all directions. We created boundaries and got rid of the emotional needs that were pulling her to her inbox every 5 minutes. She also wanted more time to spend with her two pre-school kids, to exercise, and to have some ‘me-time’. 

This was fixed by clearing all her self-sabotaging patterns. 

A side effect of this work was that her mother has stopped annoying the hell out of her, like, for the first time … ever! And she’s also also hired a PT, which is something that she never thought she’d ever do.

We helped her to let stuff go.

She was terrible at delegating tasks to her team and had way too much on her plate. Every time she would pass something on, it would come back. So she ended up spending longer than if she’d done it herself. 

This was fixed by clearing the conflicts that were sabotaging her ability to delegate effectively. 

She’s let go of things she was doing and she made some hires so that she can focus on leading the business and not being stuck IN the business.

Her company is now on track to double turnover this year.

I’m not a sales coach.

I’m not a leadership coach.

I’m not a productivity coach.

I’m a Head Trash Coach. 

And I can spot the head trash that’s getting in the way of whatever it is that you want to achieve. Whether that’s more sales, increased productivity, improved leadership ….. or sex! (yes, some clients come to me for that).

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