Bullying is not often associated with lead magnets. Until now.

A CEO client told me that she felt bullied and attacked during some recent sales negotiations. They were feelings rather than an experience that other people in the room would have identified as such.

We needed to resolve this because it took her power away during these negotiations and she felt cornered. She simply couldn’t see a way forward that would be a win-win. The only option as she saw it was to pull out and exit.

Thankfully, spotting head trash is my super power and I could see what what getting in her way and sapping her power. So cleared it.

Just as we were nearing the end of the clearance she had a realisation… and it was not one that I was expecting!

“I’ve just figured out how to sort out this lead magnet problem we’ve been having!!”

Her team been struggling with the wording of a lead magnet and its landing page (email opt-in).

Now she had crystal clarity on how to word it so that it felt empowering to her target market rather than salesy and pushy.

On reflection she said it was because power balance was off before. She was holding on to power because she was afraid of losing it, so was not giving any away (empowering others).

She has always prided herself on being an empowering leader – and she is – and yet this subtle power play was beneath her radar and affecting aspects of her business in ways she wasn’t even aware of.

But what about her sales negotiation? Well now she could see EXACTLY how to play it. And it opened up a whole new potential high value revenue stream for her business.

We did this in 30 minutes.

Activating and commanding your power unlocks all kind of magic in your business. The kind of magic that enables you to make quantum leaps.

If now is the time for power and quantum leaps in your business, get in touch.