I’ve been guilty of this for sure.

Whether you’re a mama or not, feeling guilty is something that we all go through.

But do you find that you’re ALWAYS feeling guilty?

I think that guilt is one of the more useless of emotions.

Correction. It’s one that steps in when it’s not wanted or needed. And this tends to happen A LOT around pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Pregnant? You’re probably feeling guilty that you haven’t been doing as much around the house.

Planning your birth? You might be feeling guilty that you don’t really want your mum or your sister at your birth.

Mama? Guilt! Where to start! A permanent state for some, I reckon.

Guilty for not choosing to breast feed or only breastfeeding for a few weeks or months.

Guilty for not wanting to take your baby to baby massage or baby yoga.

Guilty for choosing to put your baby into childcare at 3 months.

Guilty for choosing to go back to work.

Guilty for choosing to stay at home and look after the baby.

Guilty for not seeing your friends as much.

Guilty for not being able to spend as much time with child #1 ow that child #2 has arrived.

Guilty for deciding to take yourself to the gym/shops/drinks with friends while your partner takes the kids to the park.

Guilty for putting the kids in front of the tablet or TV when you just need 30 minutes of peace and quiet.


And so it continues…

Outside of birth stuff, I’m also a mindset & business coach and guilt comes up A LOT with the mamas in business that I work with.

So much so that today I was inspired to record a video explaining why I think guilt is a waste of time and energy.

But more importantly I think, how you can reduce the guilt you’re experiencing in your life.

What do you think?

Do you suffer from mama guilt?

How do you cope with that?