I seem to go through phases of intense mindset work and this summer was one of those phases. It’s brought on my uprooting the family and moving countries and it has brought up so much for me. Not all of it pleasant I have to say. But the day I filmed this felt like a breakthrough moment. It felt like I’d pushed through a biggie.

This felt like I’d blasted through one more of my comfort zones. I wanted to share how that felt so I decided to record this video.

When I’d come out the other end, I felt like I’d been eating comfort zones. Eating comfort zones for breakfast more specifically.

The feeling of having changed my relationship with the things that made up my comfort zone – my fears and crappy beliefs –  helped me to achieve quite a shift. And because I’m obsessed with food, using food as my metaphor helped me to describe what that meant for me.

This idea that we can should be eating our comfort zones is one that I will keep going back to.

Once we have overcome our fears they become a source of strength. As long as they’re on the outside, they will keep you playing small. They will apply that pressure inwards.

But once you face them – once you EAT THEM – that strength becomes internal and it’s on your side. It’s going OUTWARDS. You’re not playing against it, you’re tapping into it.

Imagine how GREAT that feels. Imagine how unstoppable that feels.

Try it!