Being stuck has a lot to do with fear.

You’re not taking action because

  • You’re scared of what might happen if you do
  • You’re worried that the idea you have is a crap idea
  • You doubt that you have what it takes to go through with it
  • You’re not even sure if you’re the kind of person that DOES this thing anyway.

Clearing your fears will help to clear the way. But at some point, you need to DECIDE and TAKE ACTION.

You need to move from the TALKING-about-it phase to the DOING-it phase.

Without decisive action, The Thing just stays as it is: an idea that takes up head space and emotional energy as you sling it around mulling it over.

So you stay stuck. And your life sucks.

In the last week I’ve worked with two mama-wanna-bes who went from to stuck to unstuck.

They both wanted to stop TALKING about starting a family to actively TRY for a family, but they couldn’t. They were was stuck in fear and anxiety.
But they’re badasses. Working with me does that to you.

They were determined to nail this. So we cleared all the shizzle that was keeping them stuck.

And then one day the cloud lifted and they decided that they would start TRYING for a family.

Now they were ready to move from TALKING to DOING.

When they did that everything changed; their remaining fears fully submitted and they found their power.

Decisive energy does that.

And it does that wherever you are on the road to stuckedness.

You can simply DECIDE to become UNSTUCK.

Decide that you’re not going to take this shit any more.

You’re better than this.
You DESIRE more than this.

If you’ve had enough of being stuck, get in touch.

Let’s find a way for you to have it all.