Fear clearance is my super-power.
I look at fear differently. I get it.
I can see its inner workings and I can unpick it.
I get that fears are not WHAT or WHERE you expect them to be.
I SEE them.

This is why I can get rid of fears and phobias that apparently can’t be got rid of.
And it’s why I can get rid of fears so quickly.

Like when I got rid of

  • my needle and injection phobia in less than 5 minutes
  • my daughter’s fear of dinosaurs in 5 minutes when she was 3
  • my fear of being rejected in 40 minutes
  • my 9yo daughter’s fear of spiders in 20 minutes
  • my client’s fear of intimacy in 35 minutes
  • my fear of the pain of the ring of fire in between contractions
  • my fear of vomit in 30 minutes
  • my client’s tokophobia in 2 weeks. Apparently it can’t be done, but I do it.

The key is understanding what holds the fear in place.

Is it standing on its own two legs or is it being propped up?

Fear sometimes thinks it’s the big cheese. But it’s not, it’s just pretending to be.

In a lot of cases, fear is a symptom of The Thing, and not actually The Thing.

Once you see it for what it is, you can unravel it and clear it.

Some fears unravel quickly and easily while others are stubborn little bastards.

But the process is the same.

If you have fears you want to ditch, just holler.