I help people to HAVE IT ALL.

There! I said it!

This didn’t occur to me until yesterday when someone asked me to describe what I do.

As I said it a load of shit came up for me.

Who can *actually* have it all?

Am I really arrogant enough to think that me – YES ME – can help someone else to HAVE IT ALL?

Who the hell do I think I am to believe that I can do that for someone?

What does having it all even mean?

Then today’s client shows up…
And what does she want help with?

For her having it all means…
… not having to choose
… realising that you’re important and are valued BY YOURSELF
… that it doesn’t mean that someone is GOING WITHOUT

Today I realised that having it all is not something I GIVE.
It’s what I TAKE.

All the crap; the blocks and the conflicts that are stopping you from claiming it FOR YOURSELF.

We have so much crap around the idea of HAVING IT ALL.

So much that we don’t even bother trying to have it.

Imagine if you HAD IT ALL.
Imagine if you had EVERYTHING YOU WANTED.

What’s stopping you?