Team Head Trash

Head Trash Clearance for business teams

This is for company teams such as management teams or sales teams and is to clear the head trash that holds back personal effectiveness and business growth.

Head trash affects us all and it’s not something we can leave at home. This means that when your team are burdened with head trash, the toll on their performance will ultimately affect the business.

But it doesn’t stop there.

High levels of head trash contribute to stress and anxiety and can affect how employees feel about their work. This impacts motivation and satisfaction and can be the beginning of a slippery slope which can reduce happiness and team effectiveness, and increase costs.

Clearing head trash using the easy-to-use Head Trash Clearance Method™ is a simple yet powerful way to turn this around quickly and with grace.

In clearing team head trash, we can

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Eliminate self-doubt and feelings associated with imposter syndrome
  • Improve confidence and personal impact
  • Improve focus and clarity of thought
  • Reduce conflict and improve team relationships
  • Improve creativity and the flow of ideas

Providing support for the whole team in this way will provide personal opportunities for growth that will feed powerfully into their lives at work. It’s a win win!

What is it?

Team Head Trash combines personal guidance and support with team sessions for rapid personal change that supports the business.

  • For teams of up to 8 people
  • Bi-weekly or monthly group calls
  • Individual messaging support and guidance
  • Private online portal with Head Trash Clearance resources
  • Personal guidance and support
  • Minimum commitment is for 3 months.

How does Team Head Trash work?

Every member of the team starts by completing their Head Trash Clearance Prep Questionnaire. This is reviewed and is used to identify personal clearance work required for each member of the team.

Each member will receive a Head Trash Briefing Session to go through their Personal Clearance Plan.

They will be provided with their own online portal where they can access Head Trash Clearance resources and seek support when they need it.

The team is also reviewed as a whole and a Team Clearance Plan is identified which will form the focus of the group calls.

The group calls are for group Head Trash Clearance Sessions and where the team can share personal wins and positive changes they’ve noticed as a result of clearing their head trash.

This group session is powerful in 3 ways;

  • They receive head trash clearance on a theme that affects them all
  • Sharing their wins acts as accountability to encourage them to maintain their HTC practice
  • Hearing others share their wins inspires team members to continue with their practice

Team members are encouraged to commit to carrying out Head Trash Clearance every week.

Prices range from £10k – £20k depending on the size of your team and the frequency of group calls.

Would you like to offer Team Head Trash to your team?

If you would like to offer Team Head Trash to to your team, then let’s have a chat. You can book a call using the form below.