Being seen. Does it scare you?

You want it but you don’t.

You want people to see and hear you, but you shy away from it.

One minute you’re out there, next minute you retreat.

You worry about being seen and so you hide.

You can’t go ALL IN with being seen.

It’s tentative. You dip your toe.

You worry that if you’re seen…
… people will judge you
… it will finally be obvious to all that you’re a total fraud
… you’ll ruin the moment and say something completely ridiculous
… you’ll awaken the wrath of the trolls

Your fears keep you hidden.
So you hide and don’t say anything.

You don’t use your voice.
Your voice has the power to change and influence others.

And yet, it’s silent.

Kept quiet by your fears of being seen.

Just think of what you’re missing out on by staying hidden and quiet.

The life or business you want is waiting for you to change.

But, it’s not just you that’s waiting.

There are others waiting too.

Think of all the people who NEED you and what you do.

Think of the people who RELY on you.

They need you to SPEAK UP.

They need you to BE SEEN.

They’re WAITING For you to.

But you’re not. You’re hiding.

So, what are you hiding from exactly?

Your genius?
People’s judgement?
Your brilliance?
The opinions of strangers?
The possibility of success?

Is this how it’s going to be for you?
Staying hidden and playing small.

If you want to stop playing small and get rid of what stops you from being seen, then get in touch.
I can put an end to this for you.