Your head trash stuff is just exceptional. It just unlocks stuff.

I’ve stopped discounting my prices… and people are paying.

I’ve been offered a honorary PhD by a top London university and I’ve made it into Forbes!



From 3 jobs and a $75/hr side-hustle to selling $8000 coaching programs

Prior to working with Alexia I had a hobby and not a business. I would charge people $100 for a healing session and occasionally hold workshops. This had been going on for years; I was absolutely terrible at marketing, selling and creating a business.

I just had no clue on what to do and I was filled with frustration and agitation as I wasn’t achieving what I wanted on my own. I was feeling depressed because I had no sense of purpose.

I spent less than half an hour with Alexia and it was evident that she was the one for me. Her programme was perfect for me, her Head Trash Tool sounded like magic and I just knew with her being my coach, I was in for a sure win if I did the work.

My frustration and agitation went away, I felt like I was working towards my purpose and I was able to use the Head Trash tool on why I was depressed. It lasted less than a month and I was back to who I know I am to be.

I achieved huge results in 3 months that I know have taken other business owners years to reach.

I was becoming more visible and being more present on social media. I stopped offering single sessions and I tripled my prices. I also created two high ticket coaching programmes that I am now excited about selling.

I was making my hobby a business and I was seeing immediate results.

I didn’t just see results in my business, I saw results in every area of my life. Her head trash tool gives you the empowerment to clear whatever you like when you like. It doesn’t require waiting for a session and she was available during the week if I got stuck.

If you have any doubts in your mind as to whether you are going to work with Alexia, jump just like I did. I was worried about spending a huge chunk of money without any guarantee of results.

In working with Alexia and the Head Trash Clearance tool, I realised I had the power to create whatever I wanted to.

And I have made my money back!

Alexia will kick your ass into gear, call you on your bullshit and be that advocate you need. She builds a beautiful rapport with you and will hold you accountable whilst at the same time, certainly keeps you responsible for the results you desire to achieve.

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without working with her first. No way!

She was the key for me step into power to get my business up and running.

Lauraine Macdonald

Spiritual Healer and Coach, Lauraine Macdonald

“You don’t spend a lot of time dancing around the extravagant stories we create around our head trash; you go straight to the bullseye, cutting through the chatter to identify what needs to be cleared.

You have a natural talent for that! When chatting with you it felt like I’m an open book as you were able to pick up on some key areas very quickly that I could clear. That is powerful and efficient!

I’d recommend Alexia to anyone wanting this dynamite blend of transformational mindset and marketing support!”


Business Owner

Over the years I have explored many different healing modalities and wasn’t really sure what to expect from Head Trash Clearance.

Alexia is beyond wonderful, she is like chocolate chip cookies and a cuddly teddy with her energy, meaning she makes you feel totally safe and supported.

The sessions were wild, fun, and a roller coaster of energy and emotions, but with Alexia’s guidance and presence they were also exhilarating.

We tackled something I had been wrestling with for a long time and since our time together it has popped up and, just as quickly, gone away.

Alexia is such a gift, I’m amazed (and thrilled!) healing can happen with such speed and grace.



Alexia is as lovely as she is smart. She has a grounded, no-nonsense approach, unruffled by my occasional bat shit crazy waves of over whelm and uncertainty.

She has a capacity to really zoom into the seed of an idea and see how it might easily be tested out in the world and she’s someone who dances that line between realist and innovator ~ she’s unstoppable really.

It’s good to have her in your corner calling you out, encouraging you to keep going and understanding that the process of creating a business from the ground up may be messy and imperfect but that’s actually how businesses often are (behind the scenes anyway.)

Alexia is really so talented, insightful and knowledgable ~ she’s definitely worth investing you time and money in.


Actress, Comedienne, Coach