Alexia is a mindset coach, digital strategist, entrepreneur, author and speaker.

Alexia is the host of two chart-topping and award-nominated podcasts. The Head Trash Show helps her listeners to improve their mindset while her Fear Free Childbirth podcast helps women prepare for a fearless birth. Together they have amassed over 650k downloads in over 180 countries. The Fear Free Childbirth podcast is also published through the UK Health Radio Network with over 35,000 listens per week.

Alexia’s true test as a mindset coach came when she was pregnant and realised she had tokophobia Рthe extreme fear of pregnancy and birth. She found a way to clear her fears and went on to have two fear-free births, and she now teaches other women to do the same. Alexia also trains professionals who want to use her emotional clearance method with their clients.

Alexia has helped thousands of women worldwide to shed the fear and claim their positive birth experience through her membership community, her online programmes and products, and of course, the Fear Free Childbirth podcast.

Alexia is hired by people from all over the world including A-listers and TV personalities to help them find calmness, clarity and confidence in their lives.

Alexia is the author of Fearless Birthing: Clear Your Fears for a Positive Birth and Clear Your Head trash: How to Create Clarity, Confidence and Peace in your Life and Work, and is the co-author of Childbirth, Midwifery & the Media.

Alexia appears regularly in the press, TV, radio and online including the BBC and SKY and has been featured in Huffington Post, Mail Online, Psychologies, Red, Easy Living and Mother & Baby magazines.