Being stuck in life is down to 2 things and 2 things only.

  1. Not SEEING a way out
  2. IGNORING the way out

If you’re stuck, then the chances are the solution is staring at you in the face but you can’t see it.

Like a CEO client who needed more exercise in her life AND needed and to be more effective and efficient at work so that she could leave on time to be with the family. She nailed all three when she realised she could have her strategic review meetings while walking around the park.

The way past your stuckedness might be pretty clear to those around you, but you’re blind to it.

All you see are dead ends.

You can’t imagine The Thing that will resolve this stucky mess you’re in.

The answer could be so obvious and yet it’s not even coming into your awareness as the sparkle of an idea.

With no ideas even coming to you, the likelihood of you getting past your blocks are pretty slim.
But the chances are, the ideas ARE coming to you.
But you’re ignoring them or you’re not taking them seriously.
And because of that, you’re not acting on them.

Perhaps you’re not taking action because the idea sucks.

Unlikely. Ideas are usually the whisper of your intuition and they’re usually spot on.

The truth is you’re not taking action because
🥕 your fears and doubts pile in
🥕 you’ve decided that the idea is crazy and makes no sense
🥕 you figure that you’re just going to look like a turnip if you do it, and if there’s something you really hate; it’s the thought of looking like a turnip

And someone who just stays stuck in inaction, is actually a total turnip. Their potential stays buried underground and never sees the light of day and we only see a glimmer of what they are. How sad.

Stop being a sad turnip.