I started podcasting in 2013 with my Mojo Magic podcast. I was dabbling and it was a disaster. Well, at least in terms of the stats! Looking back I now realise that it was an important step in my podcasting life; the one where you fall in love with your mic and build intimacy with it. Now, me and my mic are super close and I don’t worry about it being there. I just crack on!

Since, then I’ve learned a lot and I’ve spoken to a huge range of incredible guests from all over the world. I have also helped a number of other podcasters to launch their (very successful!) podcasts.

The Head Trash Show

Where as my first podcast was me dipping-my-toe-in-the-podcasting-water, this podcast was launched with a clear strategic objective in mind and it had a clear role to play within my business: to raise brand awareness and to build my list.

On launch the podcast went straight into New & Noteworthy on iTunes, and was swiftly followed by a lengthy stint in their What’s Hot section. The podcast regularly topped the self-help category in iTunes and I even had moments when my podcast occupied the top 3 episode slots in self-help. As if things couldn’t get better, I then found out that my podcast was nominated for an award at the international podcasting awards in Las Vegas. Oh and my list grew quite a bit!

I brought the podcast back out in early 2019, but then COVID arrived. And having two kids home from school meant there was never any peace and quiet long enough to record a podcast. 


The Fear Free Childbirth + Motherhood Show

It was while the The Head Trash Show was on a break during my maternity leave, that the idea came to me to start a new podcast (because looking after a newborn isn’t quite enough work!). I had just finished the first draft of my book Fearless Birthing and I wanted to get some of the content out quicker than I thought I could get the book ready for publication.

From conception to launch it took me 5 days (I knew what I was doing this time around!). Unlike The Head Trash Show, there was no big strategic plan with this one. It was driven purely by a desire to get this information out there for women to hear, information that I wish I had known when I was pregnant (and that wasn’t easy to find). The only plan I had was to do a run of 40 weeks, the length of a pregnancy. Every episode was mapped out before launch and I had every intention of leaving it at that.

But that’s not how things panned out.

Within 8 weeks the podcast was exceeding the downloads The Head Trash Show had enjoyed while it was dominating the self-help chart, and yet I was nowhere to be seen inside the top 100 podcasts in the Kids & Family category. The podcast continued to grow each month adding 30-40% each month. I was completely taken aback. I started seeking out guests to interview and was amazed when I was able to secure high profile guests – at least in the birth world. Slowly, my episode plan fall to the wayside as I responded to how my content was being consumed. I was overwhelmed by emails from women all over the world telling me how much the podcast was helping them. They wanted more. They had questions. They wanted guidance. They needed support. The podcast wasn’t enough.

Eventually, I decided to take this whole birth thing a bit more seriously and started creating products and services to support the podcast, and so my new business was born.. just like that, out of a podcast.

Today, it’s been downloaded nearly 700,000 times in over 180 countries and has been commissioned by UK Health Radio. It has been credited with not only changing lives but saving lives too. yes! One pregnant lady was listening to my podcast as she had a car accident. The only thing that she could hear as the car was rolling down a hill was my voice. It was an episode where I was speaking on the importance on remaining calm for your baby. She listened and stayed calm, and was able to do so until the ambulance arrived to fish her out of her car. They were amazed that both her and baby were in such a good state. She thanks me for saving both their lives. #truestory